This site is in tribute to Cindy Stader

Cindy Stader was born in Ironton OH on August 25, 1969. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family. In her short life, she left more of an impact then most people leave in a lifetime. All who knew her, were blessed with an angel straight from heaven.


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It was on that awful cold winters day, God took you home to heaven to stay I cried and cried when you went away. But alas, I have come to learn It was Him calling, it was your turn. For God was missing an Angel so He chose you, Best Darling Angel we ever knew.' We understand it just had to be God has taken you to heaven and now you are free free free. Free from Pain, Free to run, free to dance and play again. We really are missing you We miss all the little things you do. But we understand You are there in his precious hand. Go prepare a pace for us Someday we will join you that we must Go now my sweet one, dearest Cindy ( Nia_) We are thinking of you in every way. We all hated to see you go But alas you must rest so. Into Gods hands we place the very best, Rest now sweet Sister and twice be blessed You brought us so much happiness. Till we meet again we will think of you often. On that you can depend, You were our very special angel, daughter, mother, sister, and friend. We understood you were only on loan, Now dearest Cindy you are home. In the somber light of the waning moon God took you home way too soon It's losing you we regret, God had His plans for you already set
September 16th, 2009
My dearest sister, It has been almost two years since you made your crossing. I didn't understand then, and I still dont completely why you were taken from me so soon. I wanted us to be together forever. I wanted to come and join you, but God said it wasnt time. I want you to know that in my heart you are the greatest person that ever lived. As I stood over your casket, and said those few short words, I expected you to rise up and tell me of some profound spiritual experience that you had just been through. I understand some of what you tried to teach me now. I am going to make it sissy, and I will join you in God's timing. Wait at the gate for me, with a smile, waiting to welcome me home. I love you always Margarette
September 16th, 2009
i just wanted to say that cindy was a nice woman and im glad to have met her and im sorry for the loss but know that she is in heaven now and she's with the lord and i love her as my sis in christ
November 29th, 2008